Monograph of Nicolas Ledesma.

With this CD we start the collection Masters of the Spanish 19th Century Piano Music. The CD is a compilation of recordings made by Ana Benavides in recent years in the recording project Rare Spanish Music for Piano of the 19th Century.

Spanish Clarinet Pieces of the 19th Century, Vol. III

The third volume in the series Spanish Clarinet Pieces of the 19th Century. In this CD are recorded for the first time pieces by major figures of Spanish music of the 19th century as Hilarión Eslava and Jesús de Monasterio, along with works of outstanding clarinettists of his time as Enrique Calvist, Enrique Fischer and Francisco Gómez.

B. Pérez Casas. His Work for Clarinet and piano

Reissue of the Cd recorded in 2007. Sold out the previous edition, we present with our label the first recording of the complete works for clarinet and piano by one key figure of the Spanish music in the first half of the 20th century.

The Piano in Spain, by Ana Benavides

The main objective of this book is to establish a unifying link between the 18th century and the great nationalists, with an overview of subjects such as the first Spanish piano makers, musical spaces, maestros and predecessors, musical press, etc. Most of the material included has been published for the very first time. This book is an essential tool for understanding the piano in Spain. A new release about the piano in Spain with 147 pages and more than 200 full color images.
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